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Culinary possibilities of corn are very high. Freshly harvested cobs are eaten in boiled form. For long term storage they can be frozen. Canned corn is used for salads, first and second courses. Corn flour is used for cooking porridge, and thin — puddings, dumplings, pancakes and other baked goods. When you add corn flour in cakes and cookies, these products are more tasty and crumbly. From pre-flavored and fractured grains of corn make corn flakes — finished food product that requires no further cooking. Their use as a garnish, and also as a separate dish, along with juices, compotes, tea, coffee, milk and yoghurt.

In a Moldavian cuisine maize was characteristic product of about 200 years ago. She was brought to Moldavia at the XVII century and widely spread in the XVIII century, becoming primarily daily food of the poor. From corn in Moldova cook famous kasumbalesa, it is widely used in soups and garnishes, it is boiled and baked, from corn flour make pastry.

In Argentine cuisine there are many dishes based on corn: lacro — corn soup, meat of humita — a dish of corn and cheese, tamales — a dish of meat, corn and other vegetables, wrapped in corn leaves and then boiled.

corn is Widely used in American cuisine. Thanks to her worldwide known popcorn, roasted corn or grain, and corn dog — sausage, covered with corn batter and deep fried.

In many Nations of America, Europe, Asia and Africa, there are traditional recipes for breads and pastry made of corn flour: the peoples of Central America instead of bread use tortillas made of corn flour — tortillas, wrap them in different toppings and is served in a separate dish; in Western Georgia is the bread and tortillas — mchadi, in Chechnya a flat bread and various pastries — sisal; the Portuguese is the bread broa de milho; the Egyptians have a traditional cake made of corn flour, served with pineapple.

the Chinese court cuisine based on the traditions of the Imperial kitchens of the last Qing dynasty (1644-1911 years), there is a dish prepared from corn flour, — corn dumplings. They appeared in the menu of the Palace in 1900, when Beijing was occupied by the army of the United 8 States. Fleeing to the city of XI'an, several thousand kilometres from the capital, the Empress Dowager Cixi was so hungry that I had eaten a dish made of corn flour, cooked in one of the ordinary families of Northern China. This dish she loved, and returned to Beijing, she told to the court cook to prepare the same. However, the cook, fearing that the ordinary dumplings of corn flour will be too coarse food for the elderly Cixi, cooked for a couple of tiny cakes from carefully milled corn flour and refined sugar, but the same shape as that of ordinary dumplings.

the ancient peoples of Mexico there was a recipe for beer chicha made from sprouted grains subjected to fermentation, which has survived to this day. Using fermented drink prepared from the juice of the stems, and the juice was sugar.

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