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Over the past 30 years, this Eastern grass took its place in Russian and Western cuisines.

10 dishes with coriander

Coriander is one of the oldest and most widely used herbs and is one of the important ingredients of Asian, Indian, Chinese, Latin American, African and middle Eastern cuisines. She is almost as popular in the East, as the ketchup in the West.

Coriander also known as "cilantro" and "Chinese parsley". As a member of the same family as parsley, coriander similar to her appearance, although the leaves of coriander a little paler, manistee, and the taste is completely different. Coriander leaves are used as a spicy herb and the seeds as spice. The name he received from the Greek word "koris", which means "bedbug". It was believed that during flowering coriander smells like bedbugs, hence one of the names of his "doghouse". This smell disappears when the plant Matures and is replaced with a pleasant spicy aroma.

Native to southern Europe, coriander was considered extremely useful and was used in cooking and medicine for 5000 years BC (it is mentioned in ancient Sanskrit tests, in Egyptian papyri and in the Bible). In the Middle ages coriander was put in love potions; the Chinese thought that coriander can make a person immortal; the ancient Egyptians put coriander seeds in the tombs of pharaohs, while in South-East Asia he just attributed exciting properties. The Romans used coriander to Wake up the appetite; and they brought coriander to England. In Russia coriander brought from Spain in 1830

To keep fresh coriander, rinse the leaves, shake off excess water and Pat dry the leaves with paper towel. Then put the coriander in a plastic bag and store in the refrigerator. Check each day for yellow or brown leaves. The leaves can be frozen - finely chop them and put them in a plastic container. Fill with water and then freeze. If you buy a lot of coriander with the roots, simply cut off the roots, wrap the weed in foil and freeze.

Use the coriander generously - do not add a teaspoon and a tablespoon. Ideally, it is added at the very end of cooking, not to your taste.

coriander Leaves are well suited to chicken, fish, rice and tomato, while the seeds corianna better suited to the pork, vegetables and marinades.

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