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the Main application of oilseed sunflower — the obtainment of sunflower oil, which is then used for cooking and for technical needs. The hydrogenation of sunflower oil margarine. The oil is also used in paint and soap industry. In some countries, waste cooking oil is used as an additive to motor fuel.

Waste from the production of sunflower oil (cake and meal) are used as high-protein livestock feed.

In Russia even before the invention of sunflower oil roasted sunflower seeds has been used as a folk delicacy — semechki. In fact, there is even a separate subspecies of oilseed sunflower: the sunflower Gruzovoy, with particularly large achenes.

sunflower seeds contain many vitamins PP and E and polyunsaturated fatty acids (especially linolevaya), phospholipidlecithin, vegetable waxes   p.

Sunflower — important medonosnaya rastenie. Honey  nectar blooming sunflower Golden yellow color, has a slight aroma and somewhat tart taste. Kristallizuetsya small grains and becomes lightamber[1].

the Sunflower is used as ornamental plant.

Less known is that the sunflower is Kaukonen rastenie. Recently bred varieties that produce latex from cuts of the stem in significant quantities.Rubber, produced on its basis, different hypoallergenicity compared to natural and synthetic rubbers.

sunflower Husks are used for biofuel production — fuel briquettes.

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