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Pumpkin seeds

Bright orange pumpkins, besides delicious pumpkin porridge and many other delicious and healthy meals give us a wonderful and versatile pumpkin seeds. It's not just a tasty and healthy dish that is a real storehouse of vitamins, trace elements and other nutrients and healing properties that helps from many diseases.

Pumpkin seeds contain the elements iron, copper, manganese, zinc and phosphorus, and amino acids. In smaller amounts include calcium, potassium, selenium, folic acid and Niacin, b vitamins, E, PP. Thanks to this combination of minerals, vitamins and acids of pumpkin seeds in their raw form, is used to remove intestinal parasites from the body. Pumpkin seeds – one of the few that do not contain toxins and does not gives side effects. &Nbsp;anthelmintic used in combination with honey. Indicated for use for both adults and children.

Phosphorus in combination with zinc helps to improve the activity of the brain, stimulates the circulatory system. Due to the high content of zinc seed is used to prevent prostate inflammation and prostate cancer. Due to the uniqueness of his pumpkin seed is used in diseases of the kidney, bladder. A mixture of pumpkin seeds and hemp seed mixed in equal proportions is used for urinary retention, blood in the urine.

the Oil from pumpkin seeds is one of the richest oils on the composition of plant origin. Cooking countries of Central and Western Europe uses pumpkin seed oil in recipes for many dishes, but not sunflower oil or olive oil. pumpkin seed Oil is a great help in the treatment of tuberculosis, diarrhea, dryness in the nasal cavity. Oil pumpkin seeds is the basis of drugs called "tykveol".

the Uniqueness of pumpkin seed is not limited. When kidney disease can be primarette of pumpkin seeds. In addition, you can make a compress on the kidney : 100 grams. crushed pumpkin and flax seeds are bred to mushy state. Some sources indicate the use of pumpkin seeds in stenokardicheskie pain, because trace elements contained in it have a beneficial effect on the heart muscle, and in it oil have a beneficial effect on the condition of the blood arteries. There is also information about how to apply pumpkin seeds in the treatment of baldness, since the zinc contained in the seed has beneficial effects on the hair follicle.

Even if nothing hurts, there is no sign of illness it is always helpful to eat, as the saying goes, "a handful" of dried or fried, it tastes pumpkin seeds.

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